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Vayu is a supplement brand of the Berlin-based company New Breed Nutrition UG, which was founded in 2019. This company belongs to Firmart GmbH & Co. Kg, a manufacturer of sports nutrition supplements founded in 2005 and based in Elsmhorn, which also distributes the well-known sports nutrition brand ESN. In fact, according to the homepage, Vayu is a product range that belongs to the ESN brand. Just like ESN, Vayu also produces its products in Germany and pays attention to the high quality of raw materials and end products.

The name Vayu is not a fantasy product, but the name of the Vedic god of wind, air and the breath of life, who is associated with thunderstorms and storms. This presumably stands for the power and energy that the brand's products bring with them. This fits in with the fact that, according to the manufacturer, the company's products have been specially developed for competitive athletes, taking into account the latest scientific findings and with the involvement of competitive bodybuilders, in order to be optimally adapted to the needs of elite athletes. Some of the athletes who work with Vayu include Manuel Bauer, Tobias Hahne, Dominik Dörfl, Amin Parvaneh and Tobias Gebhard

Vayu's product range is quite straightforward and includes products for hard-training bodybuilders and strength athletes such as protein powder, amino acids, pump supplements, intra workout products, rice pudding and nootropics for increased focus and better concentration. Due to the high product quality, Vayu tends to be in the upper price segment. Vayu's customers are primarily bodybuilders and strength athletes of all levels, but also athletes of other disciplines and people who want to improve their performance in everyday life with Nootropica.