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Soulfood is a manufacturer of low-carb foods based in Nuremberg, which was founded in 2012 by Jasmin Mengele. As with many manufacturers, the company's history began in the founder's living room. Soon after, Soulfood developed into a flourishing online store for low-carb products and the company now also has a café and restaurant specializing in low-carb food.

The idea for founding the company was based on the positive experiences of the company founder, who was plagued by constant dieting and obesity and finally managed to leave her yo-yo diets behind her once and for all with a low-carb diet. After much experimentation with low-carb recipes, the idea of turning this passion into a profession and giving like-minded people easy access to low-carb ingredients, treats and ready-made baking mixes matured.

All Soulfood products are low in carbohydrates, high in fiber and free from added sugar, artificial additives and flavor enhancers. Furthermore, only gluten-free ingredients are used, meaning that all products are also suitable for people with coeliac disease. Instead of added or hidden sugar, sugar substitutes such as xylitol and erythritol are used, which are low in calories or calorie-free and have no or only minimal effects on blood sugar. All other ingredients also have a low glycemic index and a low glycemic load in order to maintain constant blood sugar levels.

The range of low-carb products is very broad and includes defatted nut and seed flours for baking, ready-made baking mixes for bread, cakes and cookies, low-carb sweets such as chocolate, bars and fruit gums, low-carb baking ingredients, low-carb ready meals, low-carb spreads, ready-made low-carb baked goods such as bread and pretzels and much more. Soulfood's target group includes people who want to follow either a strict ketogenic diet or simply a low-carb diet, people who want to lose weight in a healthy way, diabetics and other people who have a poor tolerance to carbohydrates or need to minimize them for medical reasons.