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Nutrex Research

The sports supplement company Nutrex Research was founded in 2002 and is based in Oviedo, Florida. Nutrex Reasearch specializes in the development of innovative supplements with effective active ingredients and is known for always pushing the boundaries of what is legally possible. One of Nutrex Research's first and most successful products was the popular fat burner Lipo-6®, which was launched in 2002 and is still available today in a further developed form with a large number of variations.

While Nutrex Research's product range was initially limited to hardcore fat burners and training boosters for serious bodybuilders, today it includes everything from protein powders to amino acids and regeneration products to hardcore muscle building products to cover all the needs of hard-training strength athletes. The company currently sells its products in over 100 countries worldwide.

Nutrex Research has always been a brand that focuses on ambitious bodybuilders and strength athletes. This is also reflected in the athletes sponsored by Nutrex, which include numerous IFBB athletes, successful fitness, bodybuilding and nutrition trainers and fitness models. One of the special features of Nutrex Research is the so-called Military & First Responder Program, which is only available directly from Nutrex. With this program, the company wants to give something back to all members of the military, police, law enforcement, fire department and healthcare for their work for the common good and promises this target group a whopping 30% discount.