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Naturya is a manufacturer of superfoods and other healthy, highly nutritious products that was founded in 2009 by Martin Kemp in Southstoke, near Bath in the UK. It all started when Kemp was so enthusiastic after eating his first goji berries in 2006 that he imported half a ton of these berries from the Himalayas to England to sell them there and introduce people to the benefits of this fruit. What began in the founder's garden shed quickly developed into a successful company producing superfoods for athletes and health-conscious people.

Naturya has made it its mission to get people excited about healthy plant-based foods, while at the same time placing great emphasis on sustainability and full transparency regarding the origin of the raw materials used. One of the company's slogans is that food is more than just combining foods. Most of Naturya's products are certified as organic food and the majority of its products are suitable for vegans.

Naturya's product range includes a wide variety of superfoods, which are available in both pure varieties and balanced blends. There are also ready-made foods such as healthy pestos, spreads, chocolate and coffee mixes with added superfoods, porridge and overnight oats, mixes for vegan burgers, vegan protein powder mixes and much more. Naturya's target group includes athletes and all people who want to eat healthily and for whom it is important to consume as many important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients as possible in a natural form that is free from artificial additives.