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Mutant is a supplement brand from Canada that was launched on the market in 2006. Mutant is part of the parent company Fit Foods Limited, which was founded in 1996 under the former name PVL Nutrients. Fit Foods is represented in over 70 countries and markets other brands in the sports, fitness and health sector, including Pure Vita Labs (PVL), Whey Gourmet and West Coast Naturals in addition to Mutant.

Mutant is the "hardcore" brand of Fit Foods Limited, aimed at bodybuilders and strength athletes who are serious about their training and who want to set themselves apart from the average through their training and performance. Accordingly, Mutant's product range primarily comprises bodybuilding and weight training supplements, ranging from protein powders and weight gainers to amino acid products, creatine, pre-workout boosters and recovery support products. All these products are manufactured in Fit Foods' production facilities in accordance with current GMP standards.

Even though Mutant's product range is manageable, it includes everything that serious bodybuilders and strength athletes need. The manufacturer deliberately focuses on quality rather than quantity and avoids chasing after every new trend, as other companies often do. Instead, Mutant concentrates on continuously improving existing and proven products. Classic examples of this are the Mutant Mass Gainer, which was the first Mutant product to be launched on the market and uses an innovative mixture of different carbohydrate sources instead of just maltodextrin, and Creakong, a creatine product that combines the advantages of the best creatine dosage forms in one product.

The faces of Mutant include numerous hardcore bodybuilders such as Shawn Ray, Max Murillo, Jamie Christian, Andrea Shaw and many more. Before launching his own product line, Rich Piana was also one of the faces of Mutant,