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Lazar Angelov Nutrition

Lazar Angelov Nutrition is the supplement brand of bodybuilder, fitness influencer and personal trainer Lazar Angelov. Lazar began his athletic career as a professional basketball player before joining the army for 1.5 years at the age of 18. Here he found his true purpose in bodybuilding and this sport became a crucial part of his life.

Alongside his career as a personal trainer, Angelo has taken part in numerous bodybuilding competitions since 2006, where he has scored points for his definition and well-proportioned muscles. He also works as a fitness model and has appeared in several music videos and commercials. According to his own statement, he is a strict opponent of steroids and other banned performance-enhancing drugs and decided in 2019 to launch his own range of sports supplements on the market under the Lazar Angelov Nutrition brand.

The aim of his products is to support athletes with high-quality products developed in-house and his motto is "Always chase the best." Angelov Nutrition's products cover the entire range of the most important bodybuilding products and range from protein powders to amino acid products, creatine and pre-workout products to diet products and products to support healthy joints. Angelov Nutrition's target group primarily includes bodybuilders and strength athletes who want to improve their body development.