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EFX Sports

The supplement manufacturer All American EFX was founded in 2005 by Brian Andrews and Dr. Jeff Golini. Jeff Golini was a very successful bodybuilder in the 1980s, winning numerous American championships between 1982 and 1988. Before he co-founded All American EFX, Golini already had a small fitness store in which he also sold some products he had developed himself. The motivation for founding the company was the negative experiences the company founders had had with numerous products available on the market. EFX therefore set itself the goal of providing its customers with products that really meet their needs and are free from empty, exaggerated promises and meaningless ingredients.

Instead of illegal substances not listed on the label, EXF products should contain innovative ingredients that are healthy and effective. A good example of this is probably EFX's best-known product - the patent-pending Kre-Alkalyn developed by Dr. Jeff Golini. This innovative creatine product was the first creatine with an integrated acid blocker to prevent some of the creatine consumed from being destroyed by stomach acid before it can even be absorbed by the body.

To ensure the highest possible quality of all products, EFX says it has developed a comprehensive testing program to help ensure that all raw materials used are free from any contaminants such as heavy metals, microbial contamination and illegal substances. These tests continue during production and also on the finished end product and include independent third party testing. Production certifications include cGMP, NPA/GMP, Informed Choice and Informed Sports certifications.

EFX's product range is fairly straightforward and includes various Kre-Alkalyn products as well as other products to support fat loss and muscle building such as energy products, protein powders and amino acid products. EFX's target group includes bodybuilders and other athletes who want to build muscle and lose fat.