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Dragonslayer is a brand of the supplement manufacturer Gods Rage, which was founded in 2017. In addition to its martial and rustic flair, which is inspired by warriors and fighters of antiquity, such as Spartans, Vikings and Roman fighters, Gods Rage is known for its products made in Germany, which are characterized by high-quality ingredients. The Dragonslayer brand stands for hardcore boosters that promise maximum energy and performance inside and outside the gym. In addition to energy ingredients, the focus is also on nootropic ingredients that promise to improve focus and mental performance.

Dragonslayer products not only stand for extreme physical energy, but also for maximum mental performance, which makes them equally interesting for athletes, gamers and people who have to work with a high level of concentration. At the moment, the relatively new Dragenslayer brand only offers the Dragonslayer Focusdrink and merchandise products such as shakers, T-shirts and hoodies. Dragonslayer's target group includes strongmen, strength athletes and bodybuilders, but also gamers, schoolchildren and students and all people who have to achieve peak mental performance at work.