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Alpha Holistics

Alpha Holistics is a brand owned by rapper Felix Blume, who is probably better known to his fans under his stage name Kollegah. The brand is still a relatively new provider in the sports supplement sector. Kollegah is not only a successful musician, but has also been successfully involved in weight training and bodybuilding for many years. In addition to his music career, he successfully markets his own bodybuilding program under the name "Bosstransformation", which can lead to a dramatic body transformation within a few weeks.

In line with this program, Alpha Holistics focuses on hardcore products such as the pre-workout booster "Bossmode", whose uncompromising composition promises just as clear results as the associated training program. Alpha Holistics' target group primarily includes young men under the age of 30 as well as strength athletes and bodybuilders who want to give their all in their training and are looking for effective products that unleash their potential.