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ALL STARS is a German manufacturer of sports nutrition products based in Peißenberg. The company was founded in 1972 under the name Brummer Sporternährung. At the time, Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the shareholders and advertisers of Brummer Sporternährung. In 1993, Brummer Sporternährung was acquired by the Günther Group and renamed ALL STARS Fitness Products GmbH. In 2001, the company was sold to two new owners and the headquarters moved to Peißenberg. ALL STARS is currently represented in over 63 countries.

All ALL STARS products are produced in Germany, which ensures that the entire production process is subject to German and European food controls. During production, particular attention is paid to ensuring that all products are free from any ingredients that are on the IOC or WADA list of banned performance-enhancing substances. To ensure this, all products are regularly analyzed by the Center for Preventive Doping Research at the German Sport University in Cologne.

The ALL STARS product range is broad and includes over 50 products from the areas of sports nutrition, muscle building, fat loss, improving fitness and general fitness. The ALL STARS target group ranges from ambitious recreational athletes to professional athletes and Mr. Olympia participants. The athletes sponsored by ALL STARS include and have included numerous well-known names from the fields of fitness and bodybuilding such as Markus Rühl and Steve Benthin.