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Vitamin C · 120 capsules

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Vitamin C is incredibly important for the health and performance of the human body. It influences the immune system, contributes to energy metabolism and protects the body's cells from oxidative stress. Vitamin C also has many other benefits and therefore reasons why everyone should definitely cover their vitamin C requirements.

  • Numerous positive effects
  • High doses of vitamin C
  • Scientifically proven effect
  • Easy to dose capsule form
  • 100 % vegan
  • Highest quality - made in Germany
Nährwerte und Inhaltsstoffe
Compositionper capsule% (NRV*)
Vitamin C1000 mg1250 %

Zutaten: Vitamin C (from L-ascorbic acid), anti-caking agent: rice bran extract, capsule shell: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

*Prozent der empfohlenen täglichen Verzehrmenge laut Verordnung (EU) Nr. 1196/2011

**Keine Nährstoffbezugswerte (NRV) vorhanden.


Take 1 capsule daily with plenty of liquid.

Not recommended for use by persons under 18 years of age. The stated recommended daily intake must not be exceeded. Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children.
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Inhalt: 120 capsules Artikelnr.: 6993

What is vitamin C?

Vitamin C is an essential, water-soluble vitamin. It is found in various types of fruit and vegetables, and citrus fruits in particular are known to be rich in vitamin C. The vitamin is involved in many processes in the human body, some of which are vital. As the human body cannot produce it itself, the required vitamin C must be supplied through food or in the form of supplements. Ideally, vitamin C should be taken daily, as the human body cannot store vitamin C and it is completely broken down in the body relatively quickly

What are the health benefits of vitamin C

Vitamin C is needed for the synthesis of L-carnitine, among other things. L-carnitine is essential for the breakdown of fat (1), lowers ammonia levels (2) and has been shown in scientific studies to improve various markers of liver function (3). In addition, vitamin C is also involved in the synthesis of collagen. Collagen is crucial for healthy nails, healthy hair, healthy skin and healthy joints (4). In addition, vitamin C can counteract age-related bone loss (5) and promote iron absorption in the intestine (6).

Probably the best-known effect of vitamin C is its positive effect on the immune system. Vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and was able to reduce the duration of existing colds in the subjects of a scientific study (7). The immune system and health also benefit indirectly from a constant vitamin C level. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can protect cells and genetic material from damage and destruction by free radicals (8). Antioxidants such as vitamin C can also counteract accelerated cell ageing (9). Vitamin C was able to support cardiovascular health in test subjects in a study, as it has a cholesterol-lowering effect and was able to reduce elevated levels of C-reactive proteins, which are considered a risk factor for cardiovascular disease (10). There is also evidence that vitamin C could improve the health of blood vessels and improve blood flow restricted by smoking or other factors (11).

Vitamin C in fitness and bodybuilding

In addition to its numerous health benefits, vitamin C also has a whole range of interesting properties and effects for athletes. This begins with the fact that acute high doses of vitamin C before and after training, as well as long-term supplementation with high doses of vitamin C, have been shown in various studies to significantly promote and accelerate regeneration after training (12,13). This is partly due to the antioxidant effect, which has already been discussed in the previous paragraph. Many free radicals are produced during training in particular, which could well damage cells.

In addition, according to studies, vitamin C appears to be able to reduce training-induced elevated levels of the catabolic hormone cortisol, which promotes muscle breakdown and hinders regeneration (14, 15). Further studies show that vitamin C was able to reduce exercise-induced muscle damage and reduce muscle soreness after exercise in test subjects (16). Furthermore, vitamin C is required by the human body for the production of anabolic, muscle-building hormones (17) and there is even evidence that high-dose vitamin C supplementation could increase the levels of anabolic androgenic hormones in certain situations over a longer period of time (18).

Can vitamin C be overdosed?

This question is of course justified for a high-dose vitamin C product that contains more than ten times the minimum recommended daily requirement per capsule. However, as long as there is no increased tendency to kidney stones, several single doses of vitamin C in the gram range and a daily dose of up to 5,000 mg are considered safe (19). Excess vitamin C is normally excreted via the urine. However, very high single doses in the range of 5 to 10 grams can temporarily lead to insomnia (20).

In summary, it can be said that vitamin C is one of the most popular supplements due to its key role in many processes in the human body. An adequate intake of vitamin C can influence health in a variety of ways. A healthy body is also a powerful body, which is why Vitamin C from GN Laboratories provides you with a high amount of the potent active ingredient. In the end, only results count and these should not be impaired by a deficient vitamin C level.

Customer Reviews

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Benjamin Bäcker
Wichtiges Supplement für das Immunsystem

Vitamin C ist wahrscheinlich eines der bekanntesten und auch häufigsten Supplements wenn man das Immunsystem boosten will.... zumindest sehe ich das so

Finn Laslo
Vitamin C

Mag ich als Pulver, mag ich aber auch als Kapseln, so oder so ein super Supplement, das optimal das Immunsystem boostet

Bernd Sommerbach
Vitamin C

Vitamin C als Kapsel ist natürlich echt praktisch habe es lange Zeit als Pulver gnommen, Kapsel ist mir aber fast lieber

Sandra Junges
Super Antioxidanz

Super antioxidanz und echt einfach einzunehmen

Lorenz Dromm
Wichtiges Vitamin

"Am Ende zählen nur Ergebnisse und diese sollen nicht durch einen defizitären Vitamin-C Spiegel beeinträchtigt werden."

True was soll man da sagen