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Vitamin B12 drops · 10 ml

by #sinob
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  • Vitamin B12 deficiency widespread: A widespread problem that not only affects vegans and vegetarians.
  • Variety of vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is actually a group of vitamins known as cobalamins.
  • Heat-sensitive: Up to 35% of the vitamin B12 content in food is lost during cooking.
  • The solution: #SINOB Pharma Vitamin B12 drops: A single drop covers your daily requirement.
  • High quality and vegan: Manufactured in Germany under the strictest quality standards, free from harmful substances and 100% vegan.
Nährwerte und Inhaltsstoffe
Nutritional tableper daily dose (1 drop)
Methylcobalamin 225 μg (%NRV*9000)
Adenosylcobalamin 25 μg (%NRV*1000)
Vitamin B12 (total) 250 μg (%NRV*10,000)

Zutaten: Carrier: glycerol; demineralized water. Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin. adenosylcobalamin).

*Prozent der empfohlenen täglichen Verzehrmenge laut Verordnung (EU) Nr. 1196/2011

**Keine Nährstoffbezugswerte (NRV) vorhanden.

The recommended daily intake of vitamin B12 for adults is 3.0 µg of vitamin B12 per day. Pregnant women are recommended to take 3.5 µg of vitamin B12 per day, breastfeeding mothers 4.0 µg of vitamin B12 per day.

Die angegebene empfohlene tägliche Verzehrsmenge darf nicht überschritten werden. Nahrungsergänzungsmittel sollten nicht als Ersatz für eine ausgewogene und abwechslungsreiche Ernährung verwendet werden. Das Produkt ist außerhalb der Reichweite von kleinen Kindern zu lagern.

Inhalt: 10ml Artikelnr.: 8302

Vitamin B12: an essential vitamin for your health

Vitamin B12 is one of the most frequently discussed vitamins when it comes to possible deficiencies. This is because many people are affected by such a deficiency. While vegans and vegetarians are often considered to be particularly at risk, even a varied diet cannot always prevent this deficiency. Your body cannot produce vitamin B12 itself, so you have to get it from your diet.

Vitamin B12 is not actually a single compound, but a group of vitamins known as cobalamins. These vitamins are produced by microorganisms, whereas plants cannot produce them. Some animal products contain vitamin B12 because the animals harbor these microorganisms in their stomachs. When we eat such animal products or drink their milk, we absorb vitamin B12. Fish, on the other hand, obtain vitamin B12 by eating unicellular marine plants or plankton colonized by bacteria that produce the vitamin.

But here comes the problem: the preparation of food can destroy a considerable proportion of the vitamin B12 content. Vitamin B12 is sensitive to heat, and an estimated 25 to 35% of the vitamin is lost when vitamin B12-rich foods are cooked or fried. This explains why a vitamin B12 deficiency can occur even with a varied diet.

The solution: Vitamin B12 drops from #SINOB Pharma

To prevent this deficiency, we have developed our vitamin B12 drops, which can cover your daily vitamin B12 requirement with just a single drop. Our drops contain the two bioactive forms "methylcobalamin" and "adenosylcobalamin", which provide vitamin B12 in an optimal ratio of 4:1 (225 mcg to 25 mcg). Each drop therefore contains 250 mcg of vitamin B12.

We use glycerine instead of alcohol to preserve the drops and make them more tolerable at the same time. Dosing is very easy thanks to the integrated pipette. You can drip the drops directly onto your tongue or mix them into a drink of your choice. Our vitamin B12 drops are produced in Germany to the highest quality standards and are made from analyzed and certified raw materials. They are free from pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful substances and are 100% vegan.

The benefits of vitamin B12 drops from #SINOB at a glance:

  • Alcohol-free and pleasant taste thanks to glycerine
  • 250 mcg vitamin B12 per drop (225 mcg methylcobalamin - 25 mcg adenosylcobalamin)
  • Easy dosing thanks to integrated pipette
  • Suitable for direct ingestion or mixing into drinks
  • Vegan and manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards
  • Free from heavy metals, pesticides and other harmful substances
  • Also available in pharmacies
  • 340 drops per bottle

The dosage of vitamin B12 drops from #SINOB:

Take one drop of our vitamin B12 drops from #SINOB Pharma daily to cover your daily vitamin B12 requirements. Make sure you drink enough.

Vitamin B12 - FAQ

Why is it important to use vitamin B12 as a dietary supplement?

Only a few foods contain sufficient vitamin B12, mostly animal products. However, the preparation and heating of these foods can destroy some of the vitamin B12 they contain. A supplement can therefore be useful.

What is vitamin B12 good for?

Vitamin B12 plays an important role in many bodily processes, including cell division, blood vessel protection, nerve formation and regeneration, healthy sleep, blood formation and immune system maintenance.

How do I recognize a vitamin B12 deficiency?

A vitamin B12 deficiency can cause various symptoms such as tingling in the extremities, fatigue, problems with concentration and gait problems.

Why do vegans and vegetarians often suffer from a vitamin B12 deficiency?

Vitamin B12 is found almost exclusively in animal products and plants cannot produce it themselves. As a result, vegans and vegetarians often do not get enough vitamin B12 from their diet.

What is the daily requirement for vitamin B12?

The recommended daily intake of vitamin B12 for adults is 3.0 µg. Pregnant women should take 3.5 µg and breastfeeding mothers 4.0 µg per day.

Who are the vitamin B12 drops from #SINOB Pharma suitable for?

For anyone who wants to cover their vitamin B12 requirements, regardless of their diet.

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