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Tongkat Ali · 60 capsules

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Tongkat Ali is a plant-based active ingredient that has been used in South East Asia for many years.

  • Part of the traditional healing arts of Asia
  • Pure tongkat ali extract (5% eurycomanone)
  • 500 mg active ingredient per capsule
  • Easy to dose capsule form
  • Highest quality - made in Germany

Zutaten: Tongkat Ali extract powder (5% eurycomanone), capsule shell: HPMC (hydroxypropylmethlycellulose).

Dissolve 1-2 capsules in warm water and then inhale.
The product is not offered as a dietary supplement or medicine! We only sell Tongkat Ali for other uses such as a foot bath or incense. It is important to note that this product is not intended for oral consumption and should therefore not be swallowed.
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NOTE: Important information: There are currently many Tongkat Ali counterfeits on the market. The rush for the raw material is enormous and some manufacturers are resorting to counterfeits that are underdosed or do not even contain the active ingredient. We at Gigas Nutrition assure you, the customer, that GN-Tongkat Ali is 100% what it says on the label.

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Sebastian Harler
Kein Paypal

Kein Paypal ist etwas unpraktisch, naja immerhin kann man hier Fadogia kaufen

Marcel Koffer
Richtig geil

Geil mehr kann ich nicht sagen

R. Anker
Super dass es hier sowas gibt

Richtig gut, krass dass es das hier gibt findet man sonst kaum

Marvin Voller
Sehr cool zu sehen

Kaum bekannt hier bei uns aber anderswo ein richtiger dauerbrenner, sehr cool dass Gigas mit der zeit geht

Max Kehrer
Endlich da

Endlich auch in DE erhältlich, hat ja lange genug gedauert.