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Omega-3 Fish Oil · 60 Softgels

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  • High-dose omega-3 fatty acidsProvides 330mg EPA and 220mg DHA per softgel to support brain, heart and eye health.
  • Quality and Purity: Advanced manufacturing processes ensure protection from lipid peroxidation and provide the highest quality product.
  • Health benefits: EPA and DHA help reduce inflammation and support heart function and cognitive performance.
  • Mental well-being: DHA improves mental well-being and mood, especially in cases of depression.
  • Joint support: Has an anti-inflammatory effect and provides pain relief for conditions such as arthritis.
Nährwerte und Inhaltsstoffe
Nutritional table1 softgel*NRV%
Vitamin E2 mg16%
Fish oil (standardized to 33% EPA and 22% DHA)1000 mg
Equiv. eicosapentaenoic acid330 mg
Equiv. docosahexaenoic acid220 mg

Zutaten: Fish oil (standardized to 33% EPA and 22% DHA), soft capsule shell (gelatine humectant (glycerine), purified water), DL-alpha-tocopherol.

*Prozent der empfohlenen täglichen Verzehrmenge laut Verordnung (EU) Nr. 1196/2011

**Keine Nährstoffbezugswerte (NRV) vorhanden.

Take 1 softgel daily with water or another liquid.
Contains fish. Produced in a facility that also processes milk, egg, soy and nuts.

Inhalt: 60 softgels Artikelnr.: 8364

Our premium omega-3 fish oil supplement delivers a potent dose of 330mg EPA and 220mg DHA per softgel. This potent formula outperforms other fish oil products, providing optimal brain, heart and eye support, promoting overall mental well-being and reducing inflammation.

When choosing a fish oil supplement, quality is key. Manufacturing, storage and delivery practices can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of the product. Don't compromise on your health. Many fish oils on the market suffer from lipid peroxidation due to poor manufacturing and storage, resulting in degraded oil that may not be easily detected but can have a negative impact on your wellbeing.

With our Omega-3 fish oil, you can be confident that you are receiving a supplement of the highest quality. Our softgels contain potent EPA and DHA, fortified with vitamin E to limit lipid peroxidation and protect cells from oxidative stress. We adhere to the highest standards and ensure that our product meets ISO: 9001 standards and complies with Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011. Rest assured, we conduct rigorous testing to maintain the integrity and efficacy of our fish oil, providing you with a reliable and effective supplement.

EPA is particularly effective in reducing pain and swelling and therefore it is important to choose a supplement with a higher ratio of EPA to DHA. DHA, on the other hand, has proven to be a winner in improving concentration. The main fatty acid in our brain, DHA is responsible for promoting blood flow and improving the efficiency of all cells in the brain.


The DHA contained in fish oil promotes brain health. Fish oil contributes to mental well-being and appears to significantly improve mood in people with depression.

We also know that fish oils play a significant role in the prevention and treatment of many long-term health conditions, primarily due to their ability to reduce and manage inflammation. The two long-chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA help to reduce the release of inflammatory compounds.


Fish oil is known for its pain-relieving effects in inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. EPA and DHA are involved in the regulation of lipids involved in the inflammatory process. Therefore, an oil rich in EPA and DHA can exert an anti-inflammatory effect, making it a beneficial treatment for joint pain.

EPA & DHA reduce inflammation Support the normal function of the heart. Fish oil has been shown to lower triglyceride levels, which may have a beneficial effect on heart health. Supports brain function Maintains and supports eye health. DHA is involved in maintaining the structure and function of the retina in the eye Supports joint health / (associated with inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and dysmenorrhea). Supports mental well-being, significantly improves mood and helps combat depression.

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nicht günstig vor allem wenn die Hausmarken wie GN und Gods Rage 200 Kapseln bringen für nicht mal das doppelte also über die dreifache Menge und vor allem pro Kapsel doppelt so viel Wirkstoff