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Kidney + · 180 capsules

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  • Kidneys as a key organ: Essential for waste filtration.
  • Risks in bodybuilding: Steroids and other substances can damage the kidneys.
  • Need for checks: Regular kidney tests for competitive bodybuilders.
  • Protective measures: Act immediately in case of abnormalities.
Nährwerte und Inhaltsstoffe
Nutritional information
1 capsule3 capsules
Cordyceps sinensis extract
- of which polysaccharides
170.3 mg
51.1 mg
510.9 mg
153.3 mg
Willow thorn berry extract
- of which vitexin
153.3 mg
2.76 mg
459.9 mg
8.28 mg
Astragalus membranceus
- of which astragaloside IV
119.2 mg
17.9 mg
357.6 mg
53.7 mg
Pine bark extract
- of which proanthcyanidins
119.2 mg
113.3 mg
357.6 mg
339.9 mg
Red root sage extract 100:168.1 mg204.3 mg
Angelica sinensis extract
- of which ligustilide
- of which ferulic acid
34.1 mg
341 μg
68.1 µg
102.3 mg
1.02 mg
204.3 mg
Goldenrod extract 4:1 34.1 mg102.3 mg
Black pepper extract
- of which piperine
1.8 mg
1.7 mg
6.0 mg
5.7 mg

Zutaten: Astragalus extract (15% astragalosides), red root sage extract (100:1), hawthorn berry extract (1.8% vitexin), cordyceps extract (30% polysaccharides), angelica extract (0.2 ferulic acid, ligustil), goldenrod extract (4:1), pine bark extract (95% piperine), hydroxypropymethycellulose (capsule shell)

*Prozent der empfohlenen täglichen Verzehrmenge laut Verordnung (EU) Nr. 1196/2011

**Keine Nährstoffbezugswerte (NRV) vorhanden.


Take 3 capsules with sufficient liquid.

Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Keep out of the reach of small children.

Inhalt: 180 capsules Artikelnr.: 7464

We had to do without Kidney+ for a long time. As one of the absolute basics in the supplement stack of many of our customers, the temporary loss certainly hurt. But now it's back and even better than ever. By using highly concentrated ingredients that are synergistically coordinated, we have even managed to reduce the serving size from 6 to 3 capsules.

What exactly is in it?

Cordyceps sinensis extract - 510.9 mg

Cordyceps is a mushroom that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Among other things, it has been used to protect kidney tissue from damage and to heal kidney problems [1].

Study reviews have concluded that the available data suggest that Cordyceps sinensis extracts have shown promising results in lowering creatinine levels by increasing the filtering capacity of the kidney, reducing urinary protein excretion and alleviating complications of chronic kidney disease [2].

Hawthorn berry extract - 459.9 mg

Studies have observed various positive effects of different hawthorn extracts. Taking extracts from the plant's berries has been shown to have positive effects on kidney function. For example, studies have shown dehydrating effects, a reduction in blood pressure and antioxidant effects [3].

Astragalus membranaceus - 357.6 mg

Astragalus membranaceus is one of the most important herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. The main constituents of astragalus are called astragalosides, of which astragaloside IV appears to be the most potent. For this reason, the extract in Kidney+ is also standardized to this astragaloside.

A recent study review on the effects of astragaloside IV came to the conclusion that the existing literature has observed various positive effects on health. These include the protection of kidney tissue from damage [4].

Pine bark extract - 357.6 mg

The extract of the bark of certain pine species has a high content of proanthocyanidins. A study review and meta-analysis of 9 studies concluded that the majority of the data indicated a significant reduction in blood pressure by taking these extracts [5].

Elevated blood pressure is a common problem in the general population and especially in supported bodybuilders. It is not only a significant risk factor in the development of cardiovascular disease, but also for the development of kidney damage [6].

Red root sage extract - 204.3 mg

Better known as "Dan Shen", red root sage is an important herb in traditional Chinese medicine and has been used to treat kidney problems for over 2000 years. Recent meta-analyses concluded that the majority of available data showed a positive effect on kidney function from taking red root sage extracts [7].

Angelica Sinensis - 102.3 mg

Angelica Sinensis is an herb that is native to traditional Korean and Chinese medicine. Studies have observed antioxidant, immune-boosting, anti-tumor and neuroprotective properties when ingested [8].

The reason it was used not only in the old Kidney+, but also in the new Kidney+, is that studies have shown it to be synergistic with Astragalus membranaceus in terms of many effects, including kidney health [9].

Here, too, we have opted for a particularly highly concentrated extract that is standardized to the two active ingredients ligustilide and ferulic acid.

Goldenrod extract - 102.3 mg

Goldenrod, also known scientifically as Solidago virgaurea, is traditionally used primarily in Germany, where it is used to protect the kidneys and treat kidney problems and urinary tract complaints [10].

Studies have observed various antimicrobial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects, which could help protect the kidneys from inflammatory damage and fibrosis [11].

Black pepper fruit extract - 6 mg

Black pepper, or rather the piperine it contains, is known to promote the bioavailability of various substances. Scientific studies suggest that piperine supports the effect of proanthocyanidins from pine bark extract, among other things, and could therefore contribute to an improved effect [12].

How should Kidney+ be taken?

One portion of Kidney+ corresponds to 3 capsules. In principle, these can be taken at any time of day, preferably with meals. Due to the content of antioxidants and precursors of antioxidants, we recommend taking them at a time that is as far away from strength training as possible. Studies suggest that the acute intake of high amounts of antioxidants could inhibit the acute training stimulus in terms of strength, muscle mass and endurance in the short term [13].

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Vincent Bejerano
Neue Formel , die es in sich hat !

Ich war am Anfang erst sehr sehr skeptisch , musste aber erstmal verstehen , dass das neue astragalus im Kindey+ deutlich bioverfügbarer ist und deutlich höher standardisiert ist !

Ich habe es bei meiner letzten Diät benutz und mir tatsächlich gebildet , dass es bei mir funktioniert hat . Täglich 3 Kapseln am Tag !

Ich kann das kidney plus mehr als empfehlen , weil es vor allem jetzt 2 Monate anhält !

Man bekommt hier einiges für sein Geld geboten und im Endeffekt kostet die Dose hier
nur noch 20€ im Monat und das ist mehr als fair .

Ich habe das kidney plus hauptsächlich benutzt um mehr Wasser unter der Haut mit rauszuspülen , quasi als deuretische Wirkung !