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Iodine Health+ · 120 capsules

by Zec+
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The HEALTH+ iodine capsules contain 200 mcg (micrograms) of iodine from potassium iodide (also: potassium iodide) per capsule

This covers 100 % of the daily requirement and effectively prevents iodine deficiency, which is harmful to health. As a dietary supplement, they supply the body with this important trace element, without which the thyroid gland cannot function normally. Numerous other bodily functions and metabolic processes are also dependent on an adequate supply of iodine in the body. Supplementing with iodine capsules or potassium iodide therefore helps to prevent an undersupply or treat an iodine deficiency.

Counteracting iodine deficiency

As the side effects and consequences of an iodine deficiency often only become visible years or decades later, an undersupply of the vital trace element is often not even recognized - yet it is omnipresent. Around a third of Germans have a so-called mild iodine deficiency (grade I), which can usually be compensated for by a diet rich in iodine and iodized table salt. However, this is not always enough to provide the body with sufficient iodine. Unbalanced eating habits and increased requirements, such as those of pregnant and breastfeeding women, make it difficult to meet daily requirements and make supplementation with potassium iodide capsules advisable. Athletes also have an increased need for iodine due to their increased metabolism and heavy sweating and should prevent an iodine deficiency with the help of a dietary supplement.

Why is iodine important?

Together with the amino acid L-tyrosine, iodine is an essential trace element involved in the production of the metabolism-regulating thyroid hormones thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) and thus contributes to healthy thyroid function. Without iodine, the thyroid gland refuses to work and diseases such as hypothyroidism or enlargement of the thyroid gland (goitre) as well as impaired growth or reduced fertility can be the result. If the body lacks the iodine-containing thyroid hormones due to an iodine deficiency, all metabolic processes and therefore also the energy metabolism can be disrupted. To counteract this, iodine capsules are often combined with the thyroid hormone thyroxine tablets as part of the treatment of thyroid disease.

However, an adequate supply of iodine also has a positive effect on the nervous system, cognitive function and performance as well as the psyche. Potassium iodide can also prevent the absorption of radioactive iodine into the body and is therefore administered after accidents involving radioactive substances to prevent worse.

If you want to make sure that your body gets enough potassium iodide, you can do this with the help of HEALTH+ iodine capsules. Just one capsule per day covers the normal daily requirement.

With this product, you get a food supplement of the highest quality and safety, without any additives or fillers - HEALTH+ quality made in Germany!

Nährwerte und Inhaltsstoffe
Nutritional table1 capsule% NRV
Iodine/iodine200 mcg100%

Zutaten: Filler: microcrystalline cellulose, caspase (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose), potassium iodide (1 % on maltodextrin)

*Prozent der empfohlenen täglichen Verzehrmenge laut Verordnung (EU) Nr. 1196/2011

**Keine Nährstoffbezugswerte (NRV) vorhanden.


Take 1 capsule daily with sufficient water 30 minutes before a meal


Die angegebene empfohlene tägliche Verzehrsmenge darf nicht überschritten werden. Nahrungsergänzungsmittel sollten nicht als Ersatz für eine ausgewogene und abwechslungsreiche Ernährung verwendet werden. Das Produkt ist außerhalb der Reichweite von kleinen Kindern zu lagern.

Inhalt: 120 capsules Artikelnr.: 7543

Maximize your iodine intake with HEALTH+ iodine capsules

HEALTH+ I odine Capsules provide a reliable supply of 200 mcg iodine from potassium iodide per capsule, covering 100% of your daily requirement and effectively protecting you from the risks of iodine deficiency. This essential trace element is essential for the normal function of the thyroid gland and supports many other vital bodily and metabolic functions.

Effective prevention and treatment of iodine deficiency

One third of Germans suffer from a mild iodine deficiency, which can cause serious long-term health problems. HEALTH+ iodine capsules offer a practical solution to meet daily iodine requirements, especially for people with increased needs such as pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and athletes.

Important role of iodine in the body

Iodine is crucial for the production of the thyroid hormones thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), which regulate metabolism. A deficiency can lead to hypothyroidism, goitre formation, growth disorders and reduced fertility. HEALTH+ iodine capsules contribute to healthy thyroid function and support the general metabolism and energy production.

Positive effects on the nervous system and psyche

An adequate supply of iodine also has a positive effect on the nervous system, cognitive function and mental health. In addition, potassium iodide can prevent the absorption of radioactive iodine after nuclear accidents and thus protect against further damage to health.

HEALTH+ iodine capsules are a high-quality food supplement made in Germany, free from additives and fillers. Just one capsule a day ensures the required iodine supply and thus provides comprehensive support for your health and well-being.

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Janina Huber
Jod ist echt wichtig

Jod ist ein wirklich wichtiger Wirkstoff für den Körper, leider wird er häufig unterschätzt