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Gigas 360 Shaker White · 700ml

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Original price €3,90
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  • 700ml capacity
  • equipped with convex strainer
  • round drinking opening
  • screw cap
  • with Gigas Nutrition label

Inhalt: 1 shaker Artikelnr.: 8260

Gigas Nutrition Wave Shaker - Does not drip!

The upper part of the shaker is made of a particularly soft plastic. This material guarantees that the parts are pressed together when closed so that no water can pass through during transportation or shaking. This special design means that all closures of the shaker are guaranteed to be watertight. This product does not drip!!! Screw cap and twist-off cap. You open and close a shaker so many times a day. Why should it be made difficult? Conventional hinged lids can be difficult to open or close. On our shaker, both caps are twist caps. This means it is always light and easy to handle. Furthermore, there are no unexpected accidents during use due to a poorly closed lid. Health is our top priority. We make no compromises when it comes to the health of our customers. Conventional drinking bottles and shakers can release harmful chemicals such as BPA from the plastic. These can increase the risk of prostate problems, breast cancer and other diseases. Our shakers are made from high-quality polypropylene. This material ensures that no harmful chemicals can be released from the shaker bottle and makes our product suitable for mixing and storing food. Our shakers are produced in the EU to ensure consistent quality under strictly controlled conditions. Comfortable handle. Thanks to the three notches on the side, the shaker sits comfortably in the hand even when shaking frantically.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dejan K.
benutze den Shaker echt gerne

Sehr schöner Shaker, er gefällt mir richtig gut, benutze ich sehr sehr gerne

Oliver Letzke

Spülmaschinenfest ist das A und O für Shaker finde ich und das ist hier gegeben

Kirsten Drauer
Sehr guter Shaker

Diese Woche angekommen, bin sehr zufrieden

Kerstin Hannel
Tolles Produkt

Endlich mal ein schlichter Shaker der auch die Spülmaschine überlebt. Ich finde das teilweise wirklich schade, dass andere Shaker sich verziehen oder das Design abgeht wenn man sie in der Maschine reinigt, toll dass das hier bisher nicht er Fall ist.

Viktoria Zanger
Super Shaker

Klasse Shaker , leicht zu reinigen und macht echt was her, am meisten freut mich dass er spülmaschinenfest ist.