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Candy Splash Flavor Drops · 50ml

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  • No sugar, fat or calories - perfect for a healthy diet
  • 100% vegan for vegetarians and vegans
  • Ideal during a diet, when exercising or for a conscious lifestyle
  • Versatile: suitable for refining low-fat quark, natural yoghurt, protein shakes, porridge, skyr and baking
  • Contains no colorants or preservatives
  • Easy dosing thanks to the practical pipette in the screw cap
Nährwerte und Inhaltsstoffe

Zutaten: Aroma, Süßungsmittel Sucralose

4-8 Tropfen in Lebensmittel oder Getränk einrühren. Testen Sie anfangs Ihre persönliche Geschmacksintensität aus, z. B. 1 bis 2 Tropfen in 250ml Magerquark vermischen. 7 - 10 Tropfen pro 330 mL Getränk.

Inhalt: 50ml Artikelnr.: 8222A

A delicious, highly concentrated, calorie-free flavoring in liquid form with the traditional taste of the good old days

- You only need a few drops to transform pastries, drinks, protein shakes, yoghurt, quark and much more into an absolute delight that is second to none.

Do you love sweet and/or fruity dishes such as fruit yoghurt, vanilla, chocolate or fruit-flavored quark desserts and sweet, fruity drinks? We're no different to you, but unfortunately most ready-made products of this kind that you find in your local supermarket are real sugar and calorie bombs that no longer have much to do with a healthy diet.

This sad fact has inspired us to develop a flavoring system in liquid form that allows you to prepare all these delicious foods and drinks yourself without much effort and, above all, in a much healthier way. Of course, we have used our decades of experience in the field of sweet delicacies to provide you with a perfectly rounded taste that will remind you of your grandmother's desserts.

The result of our efforts is Candy Splash, a virtually calorie-free flavoring system in liquid form, of which you only need a few drops to give all kinds of food and drinks a delicious flavor that will remind you of the taste of the good old days. Due to its liquid form and the very small amount required, Candy Splash is the most practical and convenient flavoring system you can imagine. You don't have to dissolve any powder and there is no risk of "watering down" creamy dishes with too much liquid or changing their consistency.

Candy Splash can be used to refine quark and yoghurt dishes, protein shakes, drinks and even baked goods of all kinds. Is your healthy oatmeal in milk for breakfast too monotonous? No problem! A few drops of Candy Splash will transform your breakfast into a completely new treat! Are you tired of drinking the same light drinks with the same flavors? Then simply add a few drops of Candy Splash to a glass of mineral water and enjoy a delicious refreshment without the calories!

Candy Splash puts an end to monotony and boredom in desserts and drinks. With over 40 different flavors ranging from a wide variety of fruit flavors to chocolate and vanilla, everyone will find their favorite flavor. Of course, these different flavors can also be combined with each other, so there are no limits to your creativity. Enjoy a new delicious flavor every day!

Candy Splash Flavor Drops- the delicious full flavor from the good old days - completely free of sugar and unnecessary calories.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Hauke Zollner
Über 15 Geschmäcker

Über 15 Geschmäcker, das ist eine Auswahl, da ist wirklich für so ziemlich jeden etwas dabei würde ich sagen

Manuela D.
Auch in Sprudelwasser echt gut

Geht auch einfach in Sprudelwasser um bisschen mehr Geschmack zu haben

Martina Nolser
Ein paar Tropfen reichen bereits

Ein paar Tropfen genügen schon um aus einem gewöhnlichen Low Fat Joghurt einen Fruchtjoghurt zu machen und das, ohne den ganzen unnötigen Zucker.

Gertrud Bauer

Super, was soll ich sagen - Cinnamon macht meine Zimtschnecken sooo lecker.
Vanille und Zitrone kommen oft in meine Kuchen, hat jedem wunderbar geschmeckt.

Tassin M.
Sehr lecker

richtig gut um auch Supplements die selbst keinen Geschmack haben ein Aroma zu geben