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The Weider brand can be described with a clear conscience as the bedrock of the sports supplement industry. Weider Nutrition was founded by brothers Ben and Joe Weider in 1936 in Phoenix, Arizona in the USA and is now called Schiff Nutrition International after being acquired by entrepreneur Reckitt Beckinder for 1.4 billion dollars in 2012. It all started when Joe Weider began launching a fitness magazine with just 7 dollars in start-up capital. Joe Weider is also known as the founder of the IFBB and inventor of the Mr. Olympia competition - the most prestigious of all bodybuilding competitions worldwide.

Weider products are and have been used and promoted by countless athletes in the field of bodybuilding, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was discovered and promoted by Joe Weider. The popularity is also due to the fact that Weider products were the only products advertised in the Weider brothers' numerous fitness and bodybuilding magazines for a long period of time. Weider is considered to be the first commercial sports supplement manufacturer and it is not without reason that Weider is one of the most respected and popular supplement brands in the world.

The company's philosophy is "Live better for yourself and your family", which means "Live better for yourself and your family". Weider's classic products include the Tigers Milk protein bar and the weight gainer "Crash Weight Gain", which was already available during the golden era of bodybuilding. Today, the product range includes all product categories from the areas of bodybuilding, weight training and fitness. This includes muscle building products such as protein powders, weight gainers, amino acids, pre-, intra- and post-workout products, creatine, products to support health and well-being, diet products and much more. There is practically no product or ingredient on the supplement market that does not have a Weider variant.

Weider's target group is just as diverse as its product range and includes bodybuilders and strength athletes of all performance categories, from amateur athletes to IFBB professionals, as well as athletes of all disciplines and health-conscious people.