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Spicebar, based in Berlin, has been on the market since 2015 and specializes in the import and processing of high-quality organic spices and the development of creative spice blends. Spicebar differs from other spice retailers in that the spices for its products are certified organic, with the exception of some wild-collected herbs, and come from small farmers, farm cooperatives and wild collectors, with a strong focus on fair pay and good working conditions. You won't find anything like spices from wholesalers at Spicebar.

Another special feature is that the spice producers personally taste and select the spices they sell all over the world. These spices are then carefully processed in small historic spice mills in Berlin. Industrial mills with nitrogen cooling are deliberately avoided here. The processing is carried out exclusively with disk mills, which finely cut the spices instead of grinding them, as well as with real stone grinders, as they have been used for centuries.

Spicebar also tries to give something back to its spice farmers, which includes activities such as building a school at its partner farm in Cambodia. This also includes setting up local farm collectives and supporting these collectives with modern equipment, such as drying facilities and the like. All Spicebar spices and spice blends are free from artificial additives and flavor enhancers. Pesticides and genetic engineering are not used during cultivation. Sustainability is also a top priority here.

Over the years, Spicebar has won numerous awards for its products, including the Healthy Living Award 2021, the Bruxelles Monde Selection Gold Award and the test victory of the gourmet magazine Vivium for the red Kampot pepper. The Spicebar product range is very broad and includes countless types and variations of spices, herbs and spice blends. The target group includes all people who enjoy cooking and value high-quality spices in organic quality from sustainable and fair cultivation.