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Gods Rage Armour is a brand from the supplement manufacturer Gods Rage, which was founded in 2017 and specializes in clothing and accessories for strength athletes and strongmen. Just like Gods Rage, Gods Rage Armour relies on a classic Nordic design, for which the brand is known among its loyal fans. In addition to classic merchandising products such as T-shirts, training shorts and hoodies, Gods Rage Armour is known for its grip shirts and hoodies, which can help strongman athletes to better control weights such as the classic Atlas Stones thanks to their rubberized, non-slip surface. This prevents slipping, which can significantly increase performance and, above all, the weights moved during training and competition.

The products from Gods Rage Armour are characterized by selected materials with a high cotton content and additional elastane for an optimal fit and high wearing comfort. The use of high-quality silicone on the surface of the grip shirts and hoodies ensures a particularly good grip. Gods Rage Armour's target group primarily includes strength athletes and strongmen, but also all those who value high-quality training and leisure clothing that reflects their style.