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What do you need for the perfect whey?

Was braucht es für das perfekte Whey? – Wir klären auf!

Are you interested in Wheyn?

First of all, the question: Why should you take Whey? The fitness industry is booming and more and more people are becoming enthusiastic about a healthy and fit lifestyle. Accordingly, the classic supplement in Germany is more popular than ever before: Whey. Protein powder can be obtained from various sources such as peas, rice or soy, but in most cases it is made from whey concentrate. Not only is it one of the highest quality sources of protein for muscle building and provides the muscle with an optimal supply of amino acids, it also tastes delicious thanks to months of careful development.

It is ideal for sweetening yoghurt, skyr or even coffee, and can also be used to give dough meals that certain taste kick and a juicy portion of protein. Whey is also irresistible as a shake with water or milk.

Where does it come from?

One thing is very clear: top whey starts with the right raw material. Cow's milk. Whey is more precisely a surplus product from the production of cheese. In order to meet the goal of sustainability and waste as little raw material as possible, GIGAS will always use ALL protein powder variants. We take special care to ensure that our suppliers keep their animals in the most species-appropriate conditions possible, and you can taste this in the milk: studies show that animal products from good husbandry have better nutritional values than those from factory farming.

How is whey made?

The milk is heated to a high temperature during cheese production, which eliminates bacteria. The strong heating causes the milk to separate into whey and curd.

This process is called pasteurization. Rapid cooling is followed by rapid heating, making the milk safe to consume. The next step is to separate the milk proteins by adding enzymes.

Curd and whey are separated and whey remains as a product. This is then carefully microfiltered and dried so that a very pure powder with a protein content of approx. 75-80% remains. This is how whey concentrate is produced.

Whey, isolate, hydrolyzate or casein?

There are many different types ofwhey protein, which differ mainly in their protein purity and consistency. Which one you get depends on the exact type of filtration. As mentioned, classic whey is microfiltered, in simple terms it is passed through several filter stages in order to retain as little fat and carbohydrates as possible.

There is also isolate, which is filtered even more finely. The result is a slightly higher protein content, but isolate is somewhat more expensive and does not taste quite as creamy as concentrate. It is therefore more suitable for dieters, as fat is no longer used as a flavor carrier.

There is also hydrolysate, which is processed even more finely and is broken down in advance so that it can be digested at lightning speed. This is therefore suitable as an intra-workout, but is a compromise in terms of taste and is relatively expensive. The last of the four major whey varieties is casein. This tastes very creamy and is digested slowly and therefore released evenly into the body.

How do you get the best quality?

It's quite simple: endless control. We have the macronutrient content checked in detail and regularly commission independent laboratories to carry out quality controls so that we can offer the best possible supplement. We attach particular importance to an optimal and complete aminogram, i.e. a composition of the various amino acids and a high proportion of EAAs (essential amino acids). These amino acids (especially leucine) are essential for maximum muscle growth.

How does the delicious taste come about?

Taste, taste, taste. Our team spends countless hours in the laboratory testing different flavors and aromas. We are only satisfied when every note in the whey perfectly rounds off the taste so that every spoonful is a delight. In addition to numerous special flavors, which we select with the utmost care, we also add little extras to some flavors to create a true taste explosion. This allows us to offer dozens of flavors, from classics such as chocolate and vanilla to exquisite varieties such as caramel cookie and unusual creations such as spaghetti ice cream.

How do you guarantee the best freshness?

In addition to strict controls and spot checks on every batch, we can also proudly claim that every single tin is carefully sealed and packaged after filling. This is how we ensure that no type of contamination is possible. Our company stands for quality, care and, of course, top taste, which is why we regularly send cans to the laboratory to check the quality.

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