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Vitargo is a brand of the Swedish company Swecarb AB, which produces and markets the patented carbohydrate Vitargo®, which was developed in 1993 by the Swede Roger Sandström. Sandström wanted to bring a unique sports drink to the market and collaborated with the Research & Development Centre of Lyckeby Starch, a company specializing in the production of starch products. The result was Vitargo@ - a carbohydrate made from amylopectin - which is characterized by a very high molecular weight combined with very rapid absorption. In 2001, the Swedish company Swecarb AB bought the patent for Vitargo.

According to studies, Vitargo@ can replenish glycogen stores 70% faster than maltodextrin and passes through the stomach 130% faster than maltodextrin. At the time of its launch, Vitargo was superior to other available carbohydrate products for athletes. Vitargo is made from guaranteed non-GMO grain grown in Sweden.

To ensure consistently high product quality, Vitargo is produced according to HACCP guidelines and is guaranteed to be free from banned substances, which is ensured by testing every batch. In addition, the product is certified as halal and kosher. The Vitargo product range is fairly straightforward and includes pure Vitargo@, as well as Vitargo@ with different flavors or enriched with minerals. The target group includes bodybuilders and athletes who need a quick boost of energy and/or want to speed up their regeneration after training.